Background –  cause every good story needs one

Being a full time employee and part time student who is sitting for the Malaysian Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP)  is no laughing matter. To be honest,  CLP itself sends shiver down the spines of most graduates holding an international law degree. Yet, the me a-few-months-younger thought it would be a brilliant idea to take on a full time position at one of the busiest law firm in Malaysia while studying for CLP. Current-me has not forgiven younger-me of this folly as of yet but that is another matter entirely.

In any case, due to my less-than-brilliant idea,  I am now stuck in the predicament where I attempt to arrive at class on time while braving the Kuala Lumpur (KL) traffic and getting  dinner in the span of an hour or less.

My friend,  who is a fellow colleague,  classmate and a big fan of salad (Do not ask me why.  I don’t attempt to understand the logic of a salad lover although I love her all the same), suggested that we get salad to go from the grocer nearby our office so that we can arrive at class on time. Indeed, her plan succeeded.

So, in light of the fact that I don’t like salad,  she has challenged me to have salad until the end of March whenever I have CLP classes after work in return for a free Boost Juice. This blog,  therefore,  shall chronicle my journey in an attempt to get free drinks cause I am such a cheapskate.


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