Better late than never. 

So I missed last Friday’s update due to tiredness. Here’s the salad I had. 

Yes,  it was from a different company and no I like my usual salad better. 

Pros of new salad: more veggie overall; uses Kewpie salad dressing

Cons of new salad: lesser salad dressing than the old salad despite there being more salad; no fork! 

So the fact that the salad does not come with a fork is a deal-breaker for me. Thank God I kept a spare fork in my bag. If not, I won’t be able to have dinner that day. 

Not to mention, I don’t like salad all that much to begin with and I have insufficient salad dressing to cover the bitterness of raw vegetable is just a turn-off.

Sufficient to say, I won’t be buying this salad again. 


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